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General Questions About CENIT FASTSUITE

It happens that fixtures need to be re-designed due to reachability issues and collisions with robots or tools. Very often, these problems are only detected after the fixture design is done, so every modification requires additiona

l time and resources, and thus costs. What if the process could be inverted? Imagine you create your robot program first, and you use the working area of the robot and tool as well as the optimized workpiece designing the fixture, and for positioning the clamps. This video shows how it can be done by using a swept volume.

By using this swept volume function, there are several use cases feasible:

  • - Use the swept volume to position clamps and fixtures outside of the process working area to avoid collisions right from the start
  • - define interlockings between robots by using the swept volume as a collision element
  • - export the working environment as a 3D CAD model back to the engineering department for improving the communication between designers and simulation engineers

FASTSUITE is offered with both, a purchase model including a maintenance option and a subscription model. On individual request we also have short-term rental options to flatten project peaks. Just contact your local sales manager to discuss the commercial model that is best for you.

That is just perfect! FASTSUITE will not replace these tools, but connect with them. You can benefit from all our advantages, and by connecting with the manufacturer's software you can even include the virtual teach-pendant into your work methods, and use the embedded virtual controller for perfect simulation results.

FASTSUITE is a stand-alone software, but we are providing standard CAD interfaces (STEP, IGES etc.) as well as native interfaces to deal with all relevant 3D CAD formats. Thanks to our smart "Process Geometry" concept, we can even support design changes and variant management - so, the advantages of a digital continuity are all available without the need to be intergrated into a specific CAD system.

           The following CAD file formats are supported:

  • Acis
  • AutoDesk Inventor
  • CATIA V4
  • CATIA V5
  • CATIA V6
  • Creo
  • I-Deas
  • IFC
  • Iges
  • JT
  • PDF
  • PRC
  • Pro/Engineer
  • Rhino
  • Siemens PLM NX
  • Solid Edge
  • Solid Works
  • Step
  • Stereo Lithography STL
  • Parasolid
  • U3D
  • VDA-FS
  • VRML
  • ASCII PointCloud
  • Stanford Triangle Format
  • PointCloud to Hull
  • AML

Our support team is available for you on all our branch offices in the Americas, in Europe and in Asia, and our international team speaks many languages. Also our partner network is growing to be even more local, and to provide support in your own language.

FASTSUITE supports a huge variety of machines and robots and also other equipment. Check out our library and you will see that we have a very large library of the most common manufacturers available. But even if there is something missing, it is quite easy to add elements with our resource builder. Either you do it by yourself, or you contact our support team.

Check here all the Robots and Machines Supported

Our software licenses are shareable by default. Just install them on a license server, and feel free to share them in your team!

Sure, FASTSUITE comes along with quite complete packages for typical user roles. But there is an option to start with offline-programming, for example, and add the option for connecting virtual controllers in a later step. For this reason, we will offer upgrade options.

Yes, we can provide you with a demo license. For getting started, we will also provide you with a pre-defined use case that comes along with a self-learn tutorial.

Through our in-house development team, we have the possibility to carry out customer-specific adaptations and also have the possibility to generate interfaces to various software solutions. Also different PLM integration as as standard available.


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