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Easily generate error-free robot programs for spot welding applications.

The spot welding technology of FASTSUITE Edition 2 can be individually adapted for stationary, robot-operated welding guns as well as for body-in-white systems with flexible joining cells. In contrast to manual teaching, the software supports the creation of complete programs including all bypass movements and process-specific control commands.


Extensive support and easy of use:

  • Various CAD data supported
  • An extensive robot library ready for use
  • Import option for fastener definitions from engineering, including process planning information
  • Gun selection support (reachability studies for weld points, collision validation)

Programming and simulation for shorter cycle times and higher spot welding quality

  • Generation and simulation of clamp compensation.
  • Automatic path planning and sequencing, including approach and retract motions
  • Automatic application of controller commands and weld parameters
  • Interpolation functions to avoid robot arm collisions and accessibility issues
  • Simple teach-in functions to optimize linking motions
  • Automatic creation of technology parameters (stack thickness, locking times, etc.) and process events (speeds, synchronization commands, I/O signals, etc.).
  • Option to save the simulated program in 3D-PDF

Ready for production

  • Controller-specific downloaders and postprocessors
  • Uploaders for uploading welding programs from the controller and back to the offline program for simulation and analysis
  • Command of external I/O devices, e.g. using PLC logic, is also possible to implement

Industry support

Spot Welding is the most common type of robot welding. The welding process is used primarily in the automotive industry but also in the Welding Equipment sector.

Achieve shorter cycle times and higher spot welding quality.   Book a live demoget a quotation

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