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Improve the accuracy and efficiency of the shot-peening process

CENIT FASTSUITE offers the possibility to completely ensure the shot peening process.

The added value compared to manual teaching is the offline programming function. This enables fast and automatic path generation on 3D surfaces with many process-related automatisms. Parameters can be used to set the track width, track overlap, blast angle, travel speed and nozzle distance to the surface.

Collision detection during the simulation of the robot motion program prevents expensive damage to the real robot cell. In addition, programming strategies and fixture concepts can be elegantly tried out and optimized without the real system being stopped.

In addition to the offline programming of the robot motion programs, the Shot Peening process model also offers a special added value.

With the process model the energy input and thus the saturation of the material compression can be simulated and visualized. The Almen values are displayed directly on the 3D surface using a colour code.

This simulation display gives the user control over the process at all times and allows him to optimise the blasting result accordingly via the parameters.

This contributes to a significant increase in quality and, under certain circumstances, avoids the total loss of components due to overblasting or time-consuming rework in areas where the optimum saturation and thus the quality specifications have not been achieved.

Industry support

With CENIT FASTSUITE you can automatically determine the robot’s path, increasing the company’s response time and ensuring high levels of accuracy.

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