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Improved roller hemming simulation and programming

Geometry Input for OLP and Simulation

  • CAD-to-path algorithms on mathematical data, including arc support, for smooth and continuous robot motions
  • automatic creation of multiple hemming paths in just 1 operation, including linking motions and rework paths
  • parametric modification of the trajectory in order to support the commissioning phase
  • efficient offset and tangent interpolations to cope with local deviations between the CAD file and the real part
  • full cell workflow support, including rotary table, handling operations etc.


Rotary Table Support, Robot Path Optimization

  • Adjustment of the local pressure force and the local contour offset in order to remove wrinkles, springbacks and folds in the sheet metal parts
  • Easy change locally the tool orientation to avoid collisions
  • Inclusion of the rotary table position into the robot trajectory to increase the working area and the reachability of the robots

Ready for production

  • Controller-specific downloaders and postprocessors
  • Command of external I/O devices, e.g. using PLC logic, is also possible to implement



Industry support

Hemming is used in the automotive industry to join two sheet metal panels by bending the flange of the outer panel over the inner one.

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