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Optimize non-destructive testing with offline programming

Robot systems for Ultrasonic scanning or other non-destructive testing methods very often require a specific path planning, and in case of double-robot setups, even a coordinated motion control between the robot arms. The pre-configured NDT technology takes care of both, accurate trajectory planning as well as perfect control on all process parameters within the robot program. Also, thanks to smart gap avoidance options, the need for time-consuming preparation of the CAD data (fill holes, close surface gaps etc.) before programming can be reduced significantly.

Industry support

Ultrasonic NDT is a type of material testing which plays a major role in the aerospace industry. With the all in one simulation and offline programming software FASTSUITE Edition 2, surface-based programs can be created easy and accurate. As you can see in the video the offline programming with CENIT FASTSUITE is completed in a few minutes.

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