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Quick and easy programming for small batch sizes and permanent program adaptions

Glueing and sealing operations become increasingly common – either as an innovative assembly and fastening technology, or for efficient corrosion protection. Typically, robots are equipped with spray nozzles to dispense the material on the workpiece, or the robot carries the workpiece to a fixed nozzle. Because sealant lines are complex 3D contours, a manual teaching or even a simple CAD-to-Path algorithm is not enough to achieve perfect results efficiently.

Very often, the sealing areas are difficult to reach, and robot motions are prone to collisions. CENIT FASTSUITE, a true 3D simulation and path planning software, is helping to achieve high-quality trajectories for perfect application results, and safe and collision-free robot motions.

Industry support

Glueing as a joining method is particularly well-suited for the dynamic stresses of combining different materials. In the final assembly of vehicle production highly viscous materials are used to permanently bond parts and components of different characteristics.

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