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Powerful programming for airframe assembly

Riveting is the most important joining procedure in airframe assembly. Using highly complex technology, the fuselage exterior and the structural components are first drilled through at the fastening positions and subsequently riveted to create assembly groups.

Thanks to the CENIT FASTSUITE flexible technology packages, the process integration can be customized and adapted to the specific application technology, end effector and process requirement. When handling multi-layer composite materials, drilling parameters can be automatically defined on the basis of the design data input (fastener information). Special riveting operations, process instructions, or processing approach/retract paths and machine approach can be integrated via suitable events.

Industry support

Facilities for the assembly of airframe structures such as entire fuselage sections or wing panels have huge dimensions and are subject to highly complex process sequencing. The offline programming system must therefore be able to convert large volumes of data into efficient and reliable programs. A four-story-high plant for drilling and riveting should be just as easy to program as an individual robot cell with two synchronized robots.

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