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Clean and efficient removal of burrs from metal workpieces

Using robots for machine tending and for material handling operations becomes commodity nowadays. In all cases where the machining cycle time is very long, the robot has to wait until the next machine is available again. For increasing the system performance, there is the idea to transfer some operations from the machine to the robot, taking advantage of the general flexibility of robots. This can reduce the machining cycle time, and it can increase the utilization rate of robots significantly.

Deburring operation are a perfect example. This process requires a grinding tool to follow the edges of a part with a certain pressure force – a job just perfect for robots. The contours, however, are complex 3D curves: With CENIT FASTSUITE it is possible to program deburring operations for robots as quick and easy as a contouring operation on your CNC machine. So you can prepare your next job offline, while the production system is on operation.

Industry support

The technology of deburring is used to precisely, quickly and efficiently remove sprues, runners and other process-relevant excess material after components are cast.

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