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Why is it important to use an offline programming software in welding applications?

Robot-based welding is extremely versatile. Steel constructions for architecture, frames for transportation, exhaust systems for automotive or weld assemblies for heavy machinery - all of them have their specific requirements. The result is a huge variety of robot welding cells. From single robots to complex multi-robot installations. And also the process integration is different. From highly flexible programming to come with small batches until high automation to cope with design variants. FASTSUITE is the perfect software to manage all these different challenges in just one software. To support creativity, to capture skills and experiences and to permanently increase productivity. No matter, if new weld equipment has to be installed, or if existing welding cells have to be operated as efficiently as possible.

Robots can guarantee a consistent welding quality. For example, they can provide an always-perfect angle of inclination, use a consistent and optimal welding speed, and automatically apply the appropriate welding parameters. But the best welding robot is only as good as its programming. FASTSUITE helps you to apply the best welding strategy and to select the optimum parameters for achieving a perfect weld result


Full control of dynamic workpiece positioners and multi-robot cells

Highly customizable to integrate specific functions, such as vision systems

Parametric programming to also support design change and part variant processes


Can welding production and digital continuity go hand in hand?

Digital continuity is not a hype, but a great trend when double work or data losses shall be avoided. Classical manufacturing processes require a technical drawing that contains all process information, and the robot operator has to read this drawing to program the robot correctly - weld line by weld line. FASTSUITE is a perfect solution for implementing a digital continuity process - independent from the CAD and PLM systems that are used. The 3D model of the weld assembly can be directly imported with no coordinate error, and even with all necessary information about the weld seam location and parameters. FASTSUITE E2 can then automatically set the correct weld seams and the associated parameters during programming. Manual definition is no longer necessary! The amount of work is considerably lower and the work quality much higher, since the welds are exactly as intended by the designer. And even in case of design changes, FASTSUITE can highlight those areas where the design change has an impact, so the programmer can focus on the modifications easily. 


Connection with PLM platforms

Comprehensive library of CAD interfaces for data import and export

Option to directly re-use weld line information from engineering


Is offline programming really safe and reliable?

As long as the virtual project in the computer, including the workpiece and the fixture, is a good representation of the real setup, offline programming is very safe and reliable. Our team offers calibration services to ensure that the simulation model is an exact digital twin of the real cell. Once this is done, every process step can be validated before programs are executed on the real robot cell. Robot program coordinates are right from the very first moment, with no further touch-up that delays the production. In case of programming errors, collisions only occur on the computer screen, and they can be easily detected and avoided. For perfect reliability, FASTSUITE offers the option to link the simulation model with the virtual robot controller, so the robot simulation follows exactly the same motion planning as the real system. Even manual operations with the teach pendant can be simulated and will do no harm - this makes FASTSUITE even a perfect training tool for new users and robot operators.


Virtual process simulation, including collision detection, axis limit and singularity monitoring

Connection to virtual robot controllers for robot program validation

High program quality, supported by many automatic algorithms



Associated Process & Technologies

FASTSUITE addresses the needs of a wide variety of manufacturing applications with solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each process.

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