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Software for designing and building smarter manufacturing solutions

When robot system integrators and robot line builders are implementing new automation systems, they are facing several challenges across the entire project span.

In the beginning, it is about winning the deal for a decent price. They are usually spending quite huge efforts for the conceptual design of automation concepts, and for the validation of these concept variants. The best concepts have to be shared and discussed with customers, project partners and other stakeholders. An efficient layout and validation tool can save a lot of time and money for them. It should be able to deal with a large variety of CAD systems, to support all relevant robot and machine brands, and to be open for all relevant process applications. Also, for the sake of seamless data exchange with project partners, an open data exchange for CAD data, is essential.

On the other end, it is quite often the commissioning phase of a project, where most of the budgets are lost and the costs are buried. Imagine you can already validate your complete automation cell, including the robot programs and the PLC signals, by using a digital simulation twin of the complete layout – this would reduce the errors and thus the real implementation time significantly!

Aside all these internal benefits that a 3D simulation twin might offer to system integrations, there is also the additional option to deliver a complete offline programming tool to customers, as a package with the robot equipment. The reasons are obvious: due to the ever increasing complexity of automation cells, customers have an increasing problem to efficiently operate these cells. An OLP software as part of a complete turn-key solution will become an key differentiator for system integrators.

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