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How can I efficiently manage the variety of automation systems and manufacturing technologies in my plant?

Due to its technological diversity and manufacturer neutrality, a large part of the tasks, specific for the sheet metal processing, can be efficiently carried out with FASTSUITE Edition 2. This allows you to avoid isolated solutions of different software systems for different plants and ensures consistency for plant programming.

Support of almost all sheet metal processing technologies

Manufacturer-neutral and homogeneous software landscape

Avoidance of different manufacturing software


How can FASTSUITE Edition 2 help me to digitize the entire manufacturing process and make it more efficient at the same time?

FASTSUITE Edition 2 does not only support you in offline programming: Feasibility studies can be carried out in the early quotation phase. The fixture design process can be improved. Measurement data from quality inspection can be used to adjust and correct the toolpaths in order to maintain the production quality. These are examples how FASTSUITE can go beyond pure OLP functionality for enabling process improvements.

Simple execution of feasibility studies

Digital fixture construction

Digital process flow



How can manufacturing downtimes be avoided?

The semi-automated offline programming and the simple operating concept of the FASTSUITE Edition 2 will help you to achieve the desired robot program quickly and easily. As a result, even components with low quantities and small batch sizes can be programmed  and produced with maximum efficiency.

Maximum efficiency increase for low quantities and small batch sizes

Maximum utilization of productivity

Reduction of manual production steps


Associated Process & Technologies


CENIT FASTSUITE adresses the needs of a wide variety of manufacturing applications with tools tailored to the specific requirements of each process.

Find out CENIT FASTSUITE expertise for Technologies & Process you work with:

Webinar replays & use case videos

Take some time to watch one of our Digital Factory webinars. Here you will find various use cases and processes used on a daily basis by our industrial customers in the factories.

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