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Maximize your industrial robot and machine investment

In order to cope with all the different manufacturing tasks and processes, production companies must operate very different automation solutions. The result usually is a proliferation of different solutions. There is a separate software for each robot cell, an expert solution for each technology. All this leads to an extremely complex IT installation with many interfaces, data models and user concepts.

CENIT FASTSUITE is different. It promises a unified, easy to learn and simple to use application for a huge variety manufacturing technologies and robot brands. With open CAD interfaces to enable digital continuity and paperless processes. Standardization also leads to repeatable quality, independent from the robot operator skills. It also helps to reduce the license costs and IT administration costs significantly, and it also increases the flexibility of the users as they can more easily familiarize themselves with new production equipment. And last not least, it helps to reduce the robot cell downtime because new jobs can be prepared and optimized offline, and in parallel to ongoing production.

Examples for Applications & Technologies

CENIT FASTSUITE supports a wide variety of manufacturing applications with pre-configured technology packages, and it can be customized to meet and integrate specific requirements.

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