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How can automation of machines and processes be achieved, while facing high product variety and cost pressure?

Due to the individualization of production, smaller batch sizes and increasing diversity of parts, the demand for flexible automation technology is growing immensely. In addition, monotone and recurring work steps are to be shifted to robots, so that machine operators are available for higher quality and more demanding tasks. Companies are therefore forced to automate processes in order to remain competitive. A 3D model of the robot workcell, which can be developed in CENIT FASTSUITE as a digital simulation twin, offers valuable support in the implementation of these projects.

Digital simulation twin

Reduced machine or cell downtime, higher productivity

Accurate and realistic simulation


How can a 3D simulation software help me to be more competitive and improve my process from CAD design until SoP (Start of production)?

New layout designs as well as new production jobs are usually build and modeled in a 3D CAD software. CENIT FASTSUITE offers fast and easy functions to convert these 3D layouts into simulation models which can be used for reachability checks and feasibility studies and for the concept visualization, which are important competitive advantages in the offer phase of projects. 
A layout that grows with the project during the implementation phase helps to identify and eliminate problems early on. This reduces complex and costly corrections in later project phases.
Programming the robots and simulating the entire workcell in CENIT FASTSUITE supports a quick commissioning phase and a faster start of production.


Visualization of cell or plant concepts

Re-use data on one single simulation platform

Offline programming software with the same user interface for robotic and machining


How can I reduce commissioning cycles with high risks of delay, as well as unplanned additional efforts and costs?

By using a digital twin model of the robot cell in combination with a powerful offline programming software for the robot applications makes it possible to prepare new production jobs and variants completely on the computer - and thus parallel to ongoing production. Independent of the application technology and robot manufacturer. By simulating the created programs in virtual controllers, an early program validation and optimization can be carried out and the ramp-up times on the real robot can be drastically reduced.


A single, flexibly configurable solution for different applications

PLC, Robot and Machine Controller Integration

Process validation in the simulation environment

Associated Process & Technologies


CENIT FASTSUITE adress the needs of a wide variety of manufacturing applications with tools tailored to the specific requirements of each process.

Find out CENIT FASTSUITE expertise for Technologies & Process you work with:

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