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Conceptual development

FASTSUITE offers you efficient and intuitive tools to build production and facility layouts, no matter if they are just work-cells with a single robot or an entire automated production line. Create optimal layouts for your production facilities as early as the project phase. Simply take the intelligent components from the library and drag and drop them to the desired location. Check alternatives and concepts effortlessly.

As a system integrator, you will differentiate your offer from the competition and showcase it to your customers through high-quality 3D simulations.


  • Layout concepts
  • Rechabilitiy studies
  • Automation concepts


  • Space required/available
  • Costs
  • Production througput

Customer communication

  • 3D pdf
  • Reports

Key Features:

  • Creation and modification of 3D layouts
  • “Drag & Snap” functions to position resources and to connect resources geometrically and logically
  • Validation of the layout: reachability, working spaces
  • CAD Import Export


Production Engineering

FASTSUITE Offline Programming is based on a unique software architecture and concept which allows users to easily program robots and/or machine tools, making use of the process geometry, defined on the work-pieces and the available technology packages.

FASTSUITE Edition 2 programs not just the machine or the robot. Instead, the robot path and the machining program are generated directly from the CAD data - with all the exact parameters for the respective production technology. It does not matter whether material is applied, transported or removed.

​​​​​​Layout & fixture design validation

  • Reachability validation


Robot-/machine programming & validation

  • Motion
  • Process/technology
  • Logic

Cycle time validation

  • Connection to real controls (SIL, HIL)

Interdisciplinary communication

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Software engineering

Key features:

  • Complex technologies and machining options can be easily programmed 
  • Automatic collision detection
  • Upload robot programs from production (reverse engineering)
  • Support for Robotic and Machining complex technologies

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Production System Validation

Since the entire layout is available as a mechatronic model of the production facility, the simulation environment can be used directly for PLC (programmable logic controller) validation and virtual commissioning. The virtual facility behaves in precisely the same way as the real-world hardware, including all I/O signals, sensor data, etc. Among other benefits, this permits use of the PLC control software for testing and optimization purposes during the early stages of a project, before the real facility even exists. This lets system integrators shorten project cycle times drastically and recognize and correct potential errors much earlier. Thanks to the integration of the virtual robot controller, the robot simulation can be done exactly as in reality and it can be done on the basis of a back-up of the real controller. This way the complex, expensive and not always available integration of RCS modules can be avoided.

Control program validation

  • Motion programs
  • Logic programs
  • Safety programs

Production-sytem validation

  • Controller communication
  • Sensor communication
  • System behavior

Maximize system reliability

  • Improve predictability of production ramp-up
  • Cost & time savings

Operator training


Key Features:

  • Minimization of the real commissioning time
  • Project completion on schedule
  • Identifying risks early on
  • Training can be carried out on the Digital Twin before the system is put into operation.


Improving Performance

Even alter the start of production FASTSUITE is offering a lot of benefits. Training new employees how to work with the cell, or even testing new layout concepts and new process methodologies are just some of the advantages.

Connect simulation model with real production-system

  • Operator training
  • Monitor prodution sytems
    • Analyse with real production data (sensor)
    • predict system failures
    • plan maintenace
  • Production-system optimization




The large degree of flexibility and application breadth of CENIT portfolio enables effective use in the most different industries, departments, scenarios and technologies. Benefits are offered from the project phase, early planning, layout definition, offline programming of complex manufacturing facilities, simulation and optimization to virtual commissioning.

The entire software portfolio in the field of Digital Factory can be perfectly implemented by our experts conform to your specific requirements.





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