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Seamless integrated in CATIA and DELMIA

A complete offline programming solution for CATIA/DELMIA V5

The successful, highly specific manufacturing solutions of the digital factory by CENIT are consolidated in our CENIT FASTSUITE product family. It stands for efficient and progressive process automation in the fields of robot simulation and offline programming NC manufacturing as well as the automated creation of manufacturing-relevant product information.

The first generation supplements the established standard solution by Dassault Systèmes.

CENIT FASTSUITE is fully and seamlessly integrated in CATIA and DELMIA, creating maximum efficient support for your manufacturing processes. Thanks to the long-standing CAA development partnership with Dassault Systèmes, we ensure comprehensive and secure processes with the CENIT FASTSUITE software platform.

Offline programming solution

CENIT FASTSUITE products are the result of more than 25 years of experience in the field of manufacturing. We offer comprehensive solutions. Our proven offline programming systems can be well automated and are therefore a tried-and-tested solution for efficient processes.

We rely on the V5 infrastructure of Dassault Systèmes. The offline programming solution FASTSUITE makes use of the functionalities of CATIA and DELMIA V5. At the same time, with our process-specific implementation kits (PIK) we are able to implement customer-specific adjustments.

It is our aim to provide our customers with a turnkey and fast productive system. This is why we clarify the technical issues with our partners and system manufacturers in advance.

With targeted training, education and on-site support by our experts, we pass on our knowledge and experience, thus facilitating the introduction of an extremely efficient manner of offline programming.


  • Direct integration in V5
  • Integrated programming and simulation
  • Complete simulation of the system
  • Associativity between the geometry of the components as well as the specific manufacturing process
  • Options for automating the process to create programs
  • Quicker start-up in production
  • Increase of manufacturing quality
  • Increase in programming efficiency
  • Increased system security
  • Standardized procedure in programming
  • Independence from machine and robotics manufacturers
  • One system for all your systems requiring programming




  • Ultrasound cutting
  • Sealing
  • Roll hemming
  • Laser hardening
  • Laser deposition welding
  • Painting
  • Polishing
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Sand blasting
  • Shot blasting
  • Post processors
  • NC simulation
  • Fixture construction

Point Operations


  • Associative management of joining elements of complex products
  • Potential field of application: Riveting, point welding, clinching, screwing


  • Offline programming and simulation of automated robotics systems
  • Potential field of application: Riveting, drilling, point welding, multilayer drilling


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Contour Operations


  • Powerful offline programming system for 3D contours in robot environments
  • Potential fields of application: Laser-beam cutting, water-jet cutting, ultrasound cutting, sealing, roll hemming, laser-beam hardening and laser deposition welding


  • Powerful offline programming system for 3D contouring in machine environments
  • Potential fields of application: Laser-beam cutting, water-jet cutting, ultrasound cutting, turning, milling, laser-beam hardening and laser deposition welding


Surface Operations


  • Offline programming and analysis of complex 3D surface processes
  • Potential fields of application: Painting, polishing, bonding, non-destructive testing, sand blasting, shot blasting, laser deposition welding

Electrodes for sinking EDM processes


  • Dedicated solution for electrode design and documentation
  • Full parameterization of electrodes for an efficient change management

Realistic machine simulation


  • Exact simulation of NC programs fully integrated in V5, incl. full control functionality
  • Components: 3D machine model, post processor and virtual machine control (Siemens VNCK and Heidenhain VirtualTNC)


  • Quick and easy creation and adaption of post processors for CATIA and other APT-based programming systems.
  • NC sequences can be quickly and easily defined with FASTPOST and complex NC processes generically reflected with the integrated macro language.



Programming of wire EDM processes


  • Offline programming and simulation of wire EDM processes, for 2 up to 4 axis wire EDM machines.

Trim steel design for sheet metal die trimming


  • Dedicated solution for trim steel design incl. industry specific definitions and parameters.

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