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Software to simulate and program industrial robots


FASTSUITE Edition 2 especially targets different process steps closing the gap between product design and the real production.

Due to its functional range and modularity, it is the ideal solution for both, small companies with just the need to program a robot, and for big companies who eventually want to support the entire digital factory.

The scalability of CENIT FASTSUITE enables user companies to start small and extend the solution with growing project requirements.


The software at a glance - your technical companion from layout creation to virtual commissioning:



3D simulation 

3D simulation and visualization are an important basis for the connection of digital and real production and for the creation of digital plant twins. CENIT FASTSUITE allows the complete realization of a powerful digital twin. The simulation model supports the validation of the planning process and also the programming of machines and robots,  in the same time allowing the detection of planning or programming errors .

To transform the ideas and concepts of Industry 4.0 into reality, virtual factories and model plants must now be an exact representation of the real production systems. Not just geometry and kinematics, but also in regard to the logical behavior and control of the manufacturing units.

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Technology and rule-based offline programming

FASTSUITE Edition 2 offers a unique concept for offline programming. Robot programs are not only dependent on the geometry to be processed, but also on the technology used, e.g. laser welding or roller hemming, and on the respective robot controller. To support the programmer best, FASTSUITE Edition 2 offers so-called technology and control modules for the different technologies and controllers. These modules, which can be adapted to any customer situation, ensure that high-quality, complete and consistent robot programs are output that do not depend on the programmer's know-how.

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Virtual Commissioning - Controller connection

The applications of FASTSUITE Edition 2 are based on a scalable, signal-based simulation model. This model demands that, as in a real plant, controllers at different levels can be connected to the simulation model. These can be software-based controllers (SIL) or hardware-based controllers (HIL). FASTSUITE Edition 2 has a special infrastructure for connecting controllers, which allows signal-based communication with external controllers via shared memory. This infrastructure makes it possible to connect controllers very easily to the simulation model via standard interfaces, such as OPC-UA or via proprietary connectors. For error-free signal processing, the ports of the controller can be easily and quickly mapped to the ports of the simulation model. FASTSUITE Edition 2 provides scalable behavior models to ensure that the simulation model always behaves as expected in the different phases throughout the entire lifecycle, from the early concept phase, through plant programming to virtual commissioning or even beyond in use as digital plant twins. These behavior models can be created in various forms using FASTSUITE Resource Builder. In order to exactly simulate the actual and sometimes complex behavior of components, so-called Functional Mock-up Units (FMU's) of the component suppliers can be directly integrated as a behavior model in FASTSUITE Edition 2.

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Maximize the productivity by minimizing downtime of expensive production equipment and human resources

Minimize the costs and efforts related to the planning and setup of production equipment in the discrete manufacturing industries

Eliminate risks and unforeseen inaccuracies during the factory planning and production ramp-up

Shorten the time-to-production timeline by consequent digitalization and elimination of media breaks in the process

Be supported end-to-end based on your existing IT-landscape, rather than providing merely isolated fractions of a solution

Process & Technologies

CENIT FASTSUITE provides technology based offline programming to considerably reduce the preparation effort to achieve efficient robot operations.

Find out how CENIT FASTSUITE supports your processes with specific technologies :

Find out how CENIT FASTSUITE enables systems integrators and manufacturers to automatize the processes, from planning to ongoing operation for all the production technologies


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