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Development of tailor-made applications

Sometimes, applications and technologies are so individual or specialized that no out-of-the-box solution is available. Besides, the sequences and processes are so specific in some industries that standard products can only be adapted at great expense.

In these cases, CENIT can help as an expert solution provider. CENIT will partner up with you to develop customer-specific solutions while offering complete scalability. This could be anything from individual to company-wide applications. Smaller macros to complex software projects, an expansion of existing standard products or a standalone software solution can be developed.

Our decades of experience focuses on the interaction between engineering and production in the manufacturing solutions environment as well as connecting external systems and databases to existing system structures.

CENIT's own software platform for the digital factory is ideally suited to implementing production-related applications and integrating specific technologies. It is also possible to develop completely autonomous simulation solutions.

CENIT FASTSUITE Project Examples

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