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Significant time and cost saving through virtual controllers

FASTSUITE Edition 2 layouts can be upgraded to a digital simulation twin that becomes a digital version of the real cell, including all its signals and behaviors. With this digital twin you can not only create the robot program by using an internal simulation, but you can also verify the programming result by using external virtual controllers from the manufacturers. This can be done even while the real robot cell is not installed yet or unavailable due to a running production.

The same simulation with virtual controllers can be used for the re-validation of robot code which is manually modified or changed by the operators, for whatever reason.

The connection with virtual controllers is also an attractive alternative to the use of RCS and RRS integrations, providing similar benefits but with lower costs, and with more manufacturers being supported.

Key Features

  • Validation of the robot programs by 3D simulation provides the robot programmer with a better understanding of the overall process.
  • Validation of robot motions, based on the motion planning from the manufacturer's controller
  • Simulation based on real robot code
  • Alternative to RCS and RRS integrations
  • Errors are less expensive to correct, when detected in a virtual environment
  • Faster real-world shop-floor set-up, reduced shop-floor commissioning time and earlier production starts

Webinar replays & use case videos

Take some time to watch one of our Digital Factory webinars. Here you will find various use cases and processes used on a daily basis by our industrial customers in the factories.

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