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Technology and rule-based offline programming

FASTSUITE s based on a unique software architecture and concept which allows users to easily program robots and/or machine tools, making use of the process geometry, defined on the work-pieces and the available technology packages. The process geometries can be points in case of i.e. spot welding, curves in case of laser cutting or surfaces in case of processes like painting or polishing.

FASTSUITE Offline Programming selects automatically the corresponding technology package, based on the tool mounted on the robot for programming. The different technology packages will provide a GUI customized directly for the particular technology and will compute the tool path in a way that it is already optimized for a given technology, i.e. like arc welding or laser cutting and which will contain already all process specific commands for the controller.

Key Features:

  • Manual teach-in of robot positions
  • Definition of events and commands (open, close, …) for the integration of handling tasks (loading/unloading, …)
  • Manual optimization and modification of the thought positions
  • Creation or importation of process geometries
  • Program download
  • Multi-unit support add-on will enable users to program I/O signal communication between multiple control units
  • Manage installations with master-slave robots or with robots working at the same time on a workpiece

Webinar replays & use case videos

Take some time to watch one of our Digital Factory webinars. Here you will find various use cases and processes used on a daily basis by our industrial customers in the factories.

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