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Efficient and intuitive tools to build production and facility layouts

Improve Your Productivity with 3D Layout Planning

FASTSUITE offers efficient and intuitive tools to build production and facility layouts, no matter if they are just work-cells with a single robot or an entire automated production line.

In addition to the layout building functionality, the product also provides the entire simulation and offline programming infrastructure. This enables users to immediately perform reachability studies and layout validations.




Key Features

  • “Drag & Snap” functions to position resources and to connect resources geometrically and logically
  • Simulation of processes within the layout: dynamic resource simulation, simple teaching of robots, collision detection
  • CAD Import and Export 
  • Extensive components library: robots, machines, PLC, etc.

Building your own components with FASTSUITE

Manufacturing and production lines are built with a great variety of components. Not only machine-tools, robots, parts, fixtures and tools are used, but also all the safety and auxiliary equipment such as fences, doors, switches, sensors, conveyors, boxes and many more. To enable a realistic simulation, the digital factory requires a virtual copy of all these components, with exactly the same behavior than in reality.

FASTSUITE is designed to enable users, to easily create and manage all these components, including their geometry, kinematics and even logical behavior.

FASTSUITE distinguishes between different resource types, such as production resources, controllers and workpieces. In addition to other resource types, workpieces also include their exact mathematical description to ensure the computation of high quality toolpaths directly from the CAD data.

 Key Features:

  • Creation and modification of resources as simulation component
  • Kinematic definition
  • Adapter definition, both mechanical adapters and electrical adapters
  • Definition and modification of tools
  • Tool adapter,  tool behavior and cable definition
  • Tool center point definition
  • Creation and modification of controllers



Webinar replays & use case videos

Take some time to watch one of our Digital Factory webinars. Here you will find various use cases and processes used on a daily basis by our industrial customers in the factories.

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