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Digital Production with FASTSUITE

Due to the lack of interfacing between different CAD design systems and robot offline programming (OLP), information defined in design is often not efficiently transferred to the OLP system.

By intelligently using the information available in the design, robot programs for new products, product variants or design changes could be prepared for production much faster and more efficiently.

An overall digital process is the key to a successful and sustainable increase in efficiency, quality, productivity and process reliability. 

 In a 45-minute E-learning webinar , learn how you can automatically extract the digital weld seam information from 3D CAD models and use it without loss directly in the OLP. 

In addition to the faster and more efficient creation of robot-programs, other questions also arise:

  • Can I use CAD to Path methods to reuse expert knowledge and shorten time-to-market?
  • Does OLP software help me to achieve consistently high and reliable welding results?
  • Can I quickly analyze, determine and achieve all possible reach positions held in this import from CAD? Could cooperating equipment eliminate inefficiencies?


For our webinars we have selected a complex system with cooperating robots. Another big challenge for the OLP system that we are facing!

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Israel Montoya Perez, Robotics Consultant - Linkedin