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A boost for Engineering and Commissioning of Automation Systems

A boost for Engineering and Commissioning of Automation Systems

Building and implementing automation systems for Aerospace Manufacturing processes is much more than mechanical engineering. Very often, automation cells are unique solutions that require a specific combination of special toolings, a huge variety of sensors and complex program logic – all in a combination of robot-based automation and special machines.


Digital-Twin-based solution for Airframe Assembly Systems
Together with Thierry BAZIRE, R&D Manager chez KUKA Systems Aerospace, we are demostrating a Digital Twin solution in… リプレイを観る
From Design through Virtual Commissioning
Utilize one simulation platform from early concepts through offline programming all the way to realistic motion and logic… リプレイを観る
Intelligent automated use of the CAD model in welding programming
Due to the lack of interfacing between different CAD design systems and robot offline programming (OLP), information defined… リプレイを観る
Programming and Simulation of 3D Laser cutting machines for sheet metal…
All steps from CAD data import to fixture construction to programming and final optimization of the program are included in… リプレイを観る
Automation Design, Layout and Resource Planning
This webinar will showcase a typical 3D cell layout build during a live demonstration. リプレイを観る