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How an end-to-end IT solution transforms your body-in-white processes

Where do you have the biggest challenges in your body-in-white process? Is it complex manufacturing operations? Do safeguarding and accessibility investigations take too long? Do model and component changes lead to increasing downtimes?

There are many challenges along the body-in-white process and the list is getting longer every day. We are sure: a new view at IT can help you to tackle these challenges.

The solution lies in the right software for digital factories. Using the example of an equipment for spot joining technologies, we will show how FASTSUITE Edition 2 supports you in designing optimal manufacturing processes.From initial concept studies to cell design and offline programming to change planning, solutions will be demonstrated. You will get to know all benefits of relevant technology packages, offered by our 3D simulation platform.

With yesterday's manufacturing software, you cannot contribute to the future requirements. Realize the next step of digital transformation in manufacturing now!

  • Library Concept: with just a few clicks to the first plant layout.
  • Technology Packages: Automated programming through standards.
  • Operational Resources: Realistic modeling.
  • Change Management: Manage changes to component and joining elements.
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Israel Montoya Perez, Robotics Consultant - Linkedin

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