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Digital Factory Solutions help to unleash the potential of Automation System Integration

Finding the perfect concept for manufacturing automation systems is a challenge. Several layout concepts have to be compared and validated, and production output as well as cycle times have to be committed. Last not least, a transparent communication with all stakeholders is a key success factor.

We will introduce you to FASTSUITE Edition 2, our next generation Digital Factory Solution that redefines the way to plan, build, implement and operate automation systems for aerospace manufacturing processes. This webinar in particular is addressing the challenges of system integrators during their early sales and project phases and shows a streamlined path from the first RFQ to a proven and validated automation concept.

Automation Systems in Aerospace are leading edge technology. Now it is time to use leading edge software to plan, build and operate them!

  • Library of smart simulation components: quick and easy generation and comparison of layout variants
  • Immediate interaction with the layout components: fast validation, reachability check and feasibility studies
  • Teach in and programming of operations for robots, machines and handling equipment: easy definition of realistic simulations and operation programs
  • Export of simulations and layouts in STEP and 3DPDF
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Carsten Berauer, Principal engineer - Linkedin

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