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Digital Twin in the context of Yaskawa automation solutions

For the Yaskawa Tech Partner Webinar Series CENIT worked together with Yaskawa to put together a webinar to discuss ways how to improve operations and use of automation solutions in welding and beyond.

Webinar Highlights:

  •     Sales tools and concept layouts created in 3D quickly and easily; 
  •     Engineering and simulation studies to avoid costly mistakes; 
  •     CAD to PATH programming for a variety of applications; 

*Webinar is also available on the Yaskawa page

Please fill out the form to get immediate access to our webinar recording.

Jim Hossack, Senior Account Manager - Linkedin


Denis Danchine, Senior Account Manager - Linkedin


Helmut Ziewers, Vice President Digital Factory Solutions at Cenit North America, Inc. - Linkedin


Steve Rueckhaus, Yaskawa Motoman - LinkedIn

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