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The Digital Twin becomes Reality

Building and implementing automation systems for Aerospace Manufacturing processes is much more than mechanical engineering. Very often, automation cells are unique solutions that require a specific combination of special toolings, a huge variety of sensors and complex program logic – all in a combination of robot-based automation and special machines.

Using a digital twin is a recognized way to meet these challenges. The thresholds and concerns, however, are high. In this webinar we are showing how FASTSUITE helps to easily upgrade a 3D layout to a full digital twin. We have 3 parallel approaches to lower the entry costs of digital twins: low engineering costs for defining the mechatronic simulation resources, low customization costs for connecting virtual controllers with the 3D layout and low IT costs by using a cloud-based system environment.

The use-cases and advantages of these simulation twins are various. The development of specific controller cycles and subprograms can be immediately verified. Approval programs and processes can be validated, and production parts can be programmed even before the real equipment is finished. Users and operators can be trained without interrupting the production.

We make the Digital Twin for Aerospace Automation Systems become reality – experience the FASTSUITE approach!

  • Program, test and operate complete production systems virtually: One unified Digital Twin simulation for Automation systems with robots, machines and intra-logistic
  • Simple upgrade of CAD models to full mechatronic simulation models: the fast track to digital twin models
  • Pre-configured connectors for quickly linking the digital twin models with virtual controllers for robots, CNC machines and PLCs
  • Cloud-based system environment to make the virtual controllers quickly available to all relevant users: significant reduction of IT infrastructure costs and complexity
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Carsten Berauer, Principal engineer - Linkedin

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