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YUTAKA Electronics Industry uses the possibilities of virtual commissioning as a real added value for their customers

When it comes to integrating automated production lines, Japan's leading robot system integrator, YUTAKA ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY Co, LTD, trusts the CENIT’s FASTSUITE E2 3D simulation software. The focus of the cooperation: Digital Twinning.

Project Details

Virtual commissioning is one of the central elements for YUTAKA to achieve the strategic goal: "For a typical automation system that includes various machinery, equipment, sensors, and robots, it is imperative to perform trial runs and final commissioning at the customer’s site ‘’explains Masaki NARUSE, Managing Director at YUTAKA. “We see virtual commissioning as a clear opportunity to increase the quality, efficiency, and profitability of project execution”. To this end, the company already conducted a feasibility study in 2019 based on CENIT's FASTSUITE E2 Digital Twin software platform. The results were also announced and demonstrated at IREX 2019 (International Robot Exhibition), and YUTAKA had a lot of positive feedback from customers in automotive and other industries.

Project Objectives & Difficulties

With the goal of expanding its automation solutions in the areas of painting, material handling, deburring, and laser manufacturing worldwide while maintaining competitiveness in fierce competition, the Japanese company is increasingly focusing on the potential power of digitalization.

Confirmed Results

Since the beginning of 2021, YUTAKA has been starting to use virtual commissioning feature using FASTSUITE E2 in real production process: "With FASTSUITE first of all, the conceptual design was optimized by simulating a proposed concept in early stages Then design, initial integration, debug, and readjustments were tested out virtually in order to reduce shop-floor integration and rework. This increased the productivity in this project by 50%. ‘’ concludes Daisuke MATSUO, Supervisor of System Integrator Division at YUTAKA.




is one of Japan's leading robot system integrators. The core businesses of YUTAKA’s groups' companies are the integration of automated production lines for metal casting and drivetrain manufacturing in the automotive industry.

Main challenges

  • Expanding the automation solutions in the areas of painting, material handling, deburring, and laser manufacturing worldwide

Key to Success

  • Focusing on the potential power of digitalization.
  • Virtual commissioning as one of the central elements


  • Productivity increase in the project by 50%
Contact person:

Yoshiaki HIGASHI, Director CENIT Japan, K.K. - Linkedin

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