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FASTSUITE PRIMA POWER Edition exclusively available for PRIMA POWER customers

PRIMA POWER decided to team up with CENIT, taking advantage from CENIT’s vast experience in the development of CAM solutions and software tools for the digital factory. The result is a special FASTSUITE Edition for PRIMA POWER, which is now seamlessly integrated into the sales portfolio of the machine manufacturer.

Project Details

We have a long-standing partnership with PRIMA POWER, a leading manufacturer of 2D and 3D laser cutting systems. The portfolio of PRIMA POWER includes machines, components, technologies and complete automatic manufacturing lines for sheet metal processing.

Easily prepare and organize your 3D PRIMA Power laser cutting setup with FASTSUITE

Project Objectives & Difficulties

PRIMA POWER builds cutting-edge machinery that achieves outstanding production performance compared to competitor machines. Nevertheless, software will play an increasingly important role in the machine tool business.

Without a capable software, customers cannot efficiently program and operate these machines anymore.

And without software, machine tool manufacturers cannot deliver next generation solutions including IoT technologies or the digital twin.

Programming and optimization of 3D Prima Power laser cutting operations with FASTSUITE

Confirmed Results

“With this new software, PRIMA POWER wants to enable its customers to set up their production processes as quickly and efficiently as possible. That's why the FASTSUITE PRIMA POWER Edition is especially tailored and optimized to the specific requirements of 3D sheet metal production”, says Marco Pivanti, PRIMA POWER 3D Laser Product Manager. The software can support various CAD formats, includes a powerful fixture builder to quickly create and build prototype fixtures, and provides highly performant programming functions to achieve the best results in terms of cycle time and cutting quality. It also extends the machine tool flexibility by fully supporting external axis, clamp operations or automated workpiece handling functions.

This process-centric solution is just a first step in our strategic cooperation with PRIMA POWER. Thanks to the digital twin-based system architecture, FASTSUITE is already prepared for the implementation of a full digital twin of the complete production equipment of PRIMA POWER.

FASTSUITE Digital Twin for NC Program Commissioning

By connecting the simulation model of machines and production lines with virtual controllers, PRIMA POWER will be able to conduct virtual dry runs and virtual commissioning functions without interrupting the running production or even before a new production line or project has physically been constructed. Customers of PRIMA POWER can take advantage of the capability to extend the digital production line in FASTSUITE with robot-based applications and process automation. This allows them to cover the complete production cycle of their sheet metal parts, from press-lines to complete weld assemblies.

PRIMA POWER  is a leading manufacturer of laser and sheet metal machinery. Their solutions cover laser processing, punching, shearing, bending and automation.

Main challenges

  • Software will play an increasingly important role in the machine tool business
  • Clients need to efficiently program and operate these machines
  • Customers need a unified solution for both, production and prototype parts
  • A solution platform to grow with future requirements and demands, e.g. towards automation and line integration

Key to Success

  • FASTSUITE Edition for PRIMA POWER, which is now seamlessly integrated into the sales portfolio of the machine manufacturer.


  • Highly performant programming functions for all 3D machines of PRIMA POWER
  • Powerful fixture builder to quickly create and build prototype fixtures
  • Auxillaries are fully integrated into the programming and simulation loop (clamping systems, rotary axis)
  • A connection to the virtual CNC control provides a full digital twin for program commissioning
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      Jens Fetzer, VP Business and Partner Development Digital Factory Solutions - Linkedin

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