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Laser cutting processes in shorter time and at an incredibly high level of precision

FASTSUITE Edition 2 brought a major productivity improvement for the company's 3D laser cutting process. By implementing the software they managed to reduce the programming time from four days to under an hour for complex parts

Project Details

A large part of the production of Johs. Pedersen A/S are the spare parts for unique cars. Batch production and development projects are mostly with small series, of typically between 20 and 200 parts.

For some of the parts they rely also on 3D scans in the CAD definition.

A huge importance in manufacturing small batch sizes process is the efficiency and the productivity of the 3D laser machine. And the manufacturer was not happy with their productivity.


 Project Objectives & Difficulties

Johs. Pedersen A/S currently employs about 60 people and manufactures about 35,000 items.

During the laser cutting process, the production of workpieces used to take days, and the precision was not at the expected level. It took long to program manually the machine.

By using FASTSUITE E2, the engineers, as soon as they have a CAD file available, or they imported parts from scan files, they can create the programs offline and immediately start producing on the machine. Without stopping the machine.

A second advantage came with the automatic fixture builder of FASTSUITE. Thanks to this new option, the design and build up of holding fixtures for the workpieces is much faster and simpler.

Beside laser cutting, other technologies such as punching, robotic welding and 3D scanning are used for production. FASTSUITE E2 supports all this technologies and not just laser cutting. The next step may be to use the software for other processes.

"With the good experience we 've had now, it's definitely possible," says Jesper Knudsen, head of the production engineering department at Johs. Pedersen.


Confirmed Results

The manufacturer sees the biggest impact of FASTSUITE E2 on the processing time of complex parts.

The production now maintains an incredibly high level of precision, even from the first parts to be cut. "We don't even have to produce a sample", says Jesper Knudsen.

The simulation model of FASTSUITE E2 supports the validation of the planning process and also the programming of machines and robots, at the same time allowing the detection of planning or programming errors of the laser cutting work cell, including a six-axis Staubli robot.

The generated robot code already includes all process parameters and controller commands. Thanks to this, production can start immediately after programming with no further touch-up on the robot cell.

Johs. Pedersen A/S is a manufacturer of body parts, exhaust systems, oil and fuel tanks for the automotive industry. The products are sold for classic cars, including Porsche and VW. The company also produces and renovates interior components for the railway industry.

Main challenges

  • Low productivity on the 3D laser machine
  • Manual teaching of operations
  • The precision of laser cutting was not satisfying

Key to Success

  • Use FASTSUITE for laser cutting, pressing, punching, robotic welding, 3D scanning and 3D printing
  • Build up of holding fixtures for the workpieces much faster and simpler in FASTSUITE


  • Reduce the programming time from four days to under an hour for complex parts.


Contact person:

Søren Thorsen, Sales Manager - Linkedin

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