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Hoping to innovate Japan's manufacturing industry

CENIT Japan was chosen for one of JETRO’s economic innovation programs - a project to support foreign companies in conducting IoT projects in Japan in cooperation with Japanese companies.

Mr. Yoshiaki Higashi
President of CENIT Japan KK

In an interview made by JETRO, Yoshiaki Higashi, country director and President of CENIT´s Japanese subsidiary CENIT Japan KK. speaks about the key to enhancing Japanese companies’ competitiveness to expand their business globally: "It is important that we can collaborate with as many hardware and software manufacturers as possible," says President Higashi.






CENIT’s manufacturing engineering software FASTSUITE Edition 2 differentiates itself from its competitor products by offering a standalone platform, the areas of OLP (offline programming), manufacturing simulation and virtual commissioning.

Hoping to innovate Japan's manufacturing industry, CENIT Japan has been selected for JETRO’s program to carry out experimental studies in partnership with Japanese companies. One of thie companies, HIROTEC Corporation, is one of Japan's leading automobile body parts manufacturers headquartered in Hiroshima.

In the experimental studies, they built a digital equipment line to collect data by connecting a computer with equipment, such as robots and jigs used for welding in the car door production line.

"24-hour-fully-automated factories that can quickly respond to customer requests will increase in Japan in the next 10 years," predicts President Higashi. “I hope that this is the first step toward spreading the system in the country."

Many Thanks to Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) for the article.

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