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Conference report on a R&D project at Airbus

Airbus is automating their production and use an increasing amount of robots from different manufacturers. At the AutomationML User Conference, the aircraft manufacturer presented their approach to limiting efforts associated with the large variety of robots.

The conference was hosted by ABB AB in Gothemburg, member of the association for promotion of Automation ML, in 2018. Speakers Perig Le-Henaff of Airbus SAS, Sylvain Blanvillain of Capgemini, Nikolai D’Agostino of the FASTSUITE team at CENIT, and Daniele Massa of Loccioni presented their collaborative R&D project.

Under the title ‘Business oriented robot Off-Line Programming solution using AutomationML’, the experts talked about their findings hither.

Airbus is introducing different types of robots into the production lines. These robots support operators by automating point-to-point tasks, such as drilling or riveting.


In order to author robot tasks, a specific Off-Line Programming (OLP) tool chain has been developed. Given design data, the toolchain may cover toolpath management, validation through simulation, and return of a robot-specific program.

Unlike traditional robot programming solutions, this tool chain is generic to several types of robots, and rather focuses on implementing specific process relevant and device-agnostic business logics to automate. In this context, AutomationML (AML) is used as a machine-readable description of an information exchange model and its content between different OLP tools and robotic cells: AML is used as an information conveyor which keeps track of information updates and modifications between tools, in order to guaranty information continuity and integrity.

The speakers presented an approach to guaranty information and data continuity along the authoring and the execution of a given automated assembly process, emphasizing on the semantic of the information. Semantic is an essential notion when information has to be exchanged by different businesses and contexts.

Should you be interested in our activities in the field of Applied Manufacturing and Production Research, we invite you to get in touch with Nikolai D’Agostino, Head of Research Digital Factory Solutions at CENIT.

If you want to tackle the challenges of robot programming on diverse machinery, please contact our FASTSUITE experts at After all, FASTSUITE Edition 2 supports nearly all known robot manufacturers.

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