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Trimming and Cutting

FASTSUITE Offline Programming Add-ons are available for many trimming and cutting technologies, used with robots and machine-tools. This includes sheetmetal parts in prototyping and serial production as well as composite parts and other materials.

The trimming technology packages of FASTSUITE are able to cope with the different requirements from machine- and robot-based applications.

3D laser machines and robots

FASTSUITE Edition 2 allows a user to quickly build fixtures for prototypes, lower cycle times for production parts, and reduce programing time, regardless of the complexity of the CAD data input.

For 3D laser machines, FASTSUITE Edition 2 also provides the following functions:

  • manifold CAD interfaces for data import
  • powerful fixture builder to automatically create a prototype fixture
  • automatic, rule-based toolpath programming, including support of geometry macros and regshapes
  • pre-set and re-use of program parameters and technology tables
  • full control to optimize the machine motions: C-axis optimization, axis interpolations
  • local optimizations for springback compensation, collision avoidance etc.
  • integration of auxillary devices into the program structure and process simulation: rotary chucks, rotary table, clamps etc.
  • partial or full simulation of single geometries, geometry groups and complete programs
  • high-performance collision control and issue monitoring to ensure error-free programs
Trimming Cutting

Laser Cutting

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