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Painting, spraying, coating

Facilitating the creation, simulation and analysis of robot-supported surface processes like painting, spraying and coating

FASTSUITE Edition 2 enables manufacturers to create, simulate and analyze spraying applications and refine spray patterns, surface coverage, spray cone extension and deposition speeds, all this before the real robotic system even exists and regardless of the robot brand or model.

Versatile visualization tools like surface deposition time color mapping, and spray cone display, build inside FASTSUITE Edition 2 allow to visualize the spray coverage during the offline programing and optimization phase.

Using FASTSUITE Edition 2, manufacturers can overcome the online programming limitations by using the CAD files of the workpiece, to achieve an accurate trajectory planning on complex 3D surfaces. The process simulation allows robot trajectories to be optimized to dispense the proper amount of sprayed material, and to get an even deposition along the surface, ensuring coverage and avoiding waste.

Simulation is an important support during the entire project implementation process. During planning it can validate cell layouts and tooling designs for reachability, and generate cycle time estimations even for complex multi-robot cells. Using special tools to analyze the process coverage result, it can help to avoid programming errors and validate programs before they are downloaded to a real cell. Simulation results of created painting and surfacing programs can be exported in 3D-PDF format, to enable fast and effective communication.

Support for Trajectory calculation from the CAD DATA import

  • various CAD data supported
  • an extensive painting robot library ready for use
  • pre-customized technology that enables surface-based trajectory planning
  • multi path calculation, based on surfaces, including parametric control of stepover, path extensions etc.
  • automatic creation of path linking motions (straight, circular)
  • flexible event rule selection, e.g. to automatically trigger “process on/off” events
  • new off-process tool path sections: lead-in, lead-out and track link
  •  management of robot painting gun and brush changes

Simulation and analyzing of painting quality

  • physical process simulation "Spray coverage"
  • spray coverage display during simulation
  • option to save the simulated programme in 3D-PDF

Ready for production

  • controller-specific downloaders and postprocessors
  • uploaders for uploading painting programs from the controller and back to the offline program for simulation and analysis
  • command of external I/O devices, e.g. using PLC logic, is also possible to implement

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