Risong opens up market opportunities with digital factory platform

Chinese system integrator uses FASTSUITE Edition 2 from layout planning to commissioning

As one of the leading Chinese system integrators, RISONG is therefore required to support its customers quickly and efficiently from the initial idea to the commissioning of an automation solution. Since December 2017, the company has been using the FASTSUITE Edition 2 digital factory platform for this purpose. The customer receives a 3D layout plan directly after the initial consultation. The RISONG team can add the required resources from libraries or import them from CAD systems in just a few steps. The layout created in this way can be used immediately to simulate processes and ensure feasibility. This includes, for example, the performance of accessibility analyses. In the subsequent engineering phase, RISONG uses the offline programming of FASTSUITE Edition 2 to program and commission the system. In the field of welding systems, RISONG has also specialized in adaptive, camera-guided systems, which are also optimally supported by the software. Upon request, the customer then receives a FASTSUITE Edition 2 software package adapted to the system, so that he can reprogram the system independently to meet new requirements.

For more information concerning the project please refer to the FASTSUITE Edition 2 Newsroom.

Customer Data

    • Technologies

    • Welding
    • Body in White
    • Industry

    • System Integrator
    • Robots/Machining

    • Fanuc
    • Mitsubishi

Project Objectives and Challanges

  • Improve competitive position by shortening sales cycle
  • Strengthen the portfolio by offering a powerful, open and scalable solution for the Digital Factory


  • Implementation of FASTSUITE Edition 2
  • Training of sales staff: 3D layout setup with FASTSUITE Edition 2
  • Training of production engineers: securing the layout (accessibility) and offline programming
  • Provision of suitable packages for FASTSUITE Edition 2 as part of RISONG turnkey solutions

Confirmed Results

  • The time line until the customer places the order has been greatly reduced:

    • Faster system layout with FASTSUITE Edition 2 Layoutbuilder
    • Faster layout validation through accessibility analysis

  • Productivity of internal workflows significantly increased
  • Simulation-based offline programming instead of time-consuming teaching
  • With FASTSUITE Edition 2, Risong can offer customers a powerful software tool that, as an open and scalable digital factory solution, meets the challenges of the Chinese market

To be successful in the Chinese market, we need a strong position for innovations, developments and customer-specific solutions. We want to be one step ahead of our competitors. With the FASTSUITE team we succeed, because CENIT is a partner with "handshake quality"


Company Profile

  • RISONG Weldstone: Arc Welding with a focus on projects in heavy machinery (construction equipment, shipbuilding, heavy duty parts, etc.). Special skills on camera system integration for seam tracking and adaptive processes (workpiece position detection etc.).
  • RISONG Automation division: their focus is on robotics automation in general (small spot weld cells, handling cells, gluing, hemming, elevator production lines, etc.). Individual, customer driven projects.
  • HUKOTO Automotive division: their focus is on BiW assembly lines for car OEMs


Jens Fetzer
Regional Manager EMEA

Digital Factory Solutions 

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