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To ensure the most efficient use of FASTSUITE products, CENIT is offering a complete range of services for our customers, either at CENIT premises or onsite at customer sites.

The goal of our service offering is to help our customers to receive the best ROI of their software investments.

Our highly skilled application engineers in the different locations have profound skills and expertise not only in IT and about the products, but also about the manufacturing processes and technologies.

We offer the following services:

To make sure that FASTSUITE users are trained properly and that the solutions are customized to perfectly fit into customer environments, we offer a full range of implementation services:

  • Software Installation
  • Customization
  • User training and support

Based on the openness of FASTSUITE, we are offering to develop and implement customer specific applications. Further, we are able to provide the necessary services to extend the product scope to support resources which are not yet covered by our standard offering.

  • Customer specific applications
  • Customer specific technology apps
  • Translators / post processors
  • Special invers kinematic solvers
  • Interfaces with external systems

Our application engineers can also support our customer with engineering services. As experienced users of FASTSUITE they can help you to do offline programming, to run simulation projects for case studies, process validations or create your own simulation resource libraries.

  • Offline Programming
  • Resource Library Creation
  • Simulation Projects
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