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Focus on efficiency in Digital Factory

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With two product lines, FASTSUITE for V5, which is seamlessly integrated with CATIA/DELMIA V5, and FASTSUITE Edition 2, a standalone platform, the areas of OLP (offline programming), manufacturing simulation and virtual commissioning are the core of our business activities.

Our applications and solutions are not only focused on real customer needs, but they are also designed to improve efficiency and quality of our customers’ manufacturing processes. No matter if the process is just about offline programming of a single robot at a small job-shop company or about the validation of a complete production line at an Automotive or Aerospace OEM.

We strive to ensure a constant quality of our services and to provide the best possible support to our worldwide customers. Therefore we have established three digital manufacturing hubs around the world.

All our teams have a proven expertise on manufacturing process integration and profound IT implementation skills.

Trimming and Cutting with FASTSUITE & Jenoptik


FASTSUITE Edition 2 is an independent 3D simulation platform for the digital factory. With a strong focus on robot and machine-tool applications, it provides scalable solutions for every layer of complexity, from single machines or robot cells to complete production lines.

Material handling, manufacturing automation, process validation, virtual teach-in, offline programming, virtual commissioning and others are supported within a unified environment.

Even though, manufacturing processes become more and more advanced, complex and challenging, the software guarantees simple use and full control.

Its openness enables the easy and smart adaptation to specific technologies and customer processes.

FASTSUITE Edition 2 fills the gap between product engineering and production. Due to its modularity it is the ideal solution for any company, no matter if small specialized job shops or large organizations.

Use FASTSUITE Edition 2 to build, program, validate and optimize your real production environment.

FASTSURF: Painting, polishing, bonding, non-destructive testing, sand blasting, shot blasting, laser deposition welding


FASTSUITE for V5 products are seamlessly integrated with CATIA/DELMIA V5.

They enhance the simulation platform of DELMIA with innovative offline programming functions for point, curve and surface based niche technologies used with robots and machine-tools.

Due to its unique process implementation kits, the solutions can be customized to perfectly comply with specific manufacturing technologies and customer environments.

The embedded process knowhow will help users to significantly increase offline programming productivity.

The seamless PLM system integration of FASTSUITE for V5 provides a substantial added value for Aerospace and Automotive companies while the close link with CATIA is very attractive for many small job shops throughout the world.

FASTSUITE has everything a state-of-the-art, reliable 3D offline programming system needs.

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