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Focus on efficiency

The complexity of manufacturing and IT environments is increasing day by day.

Our mission is to reduce this complexity and to provide solutions which help users to re-focus on their primary role and competences.

FASTSUITE Edition 2 stands for:

  • Ease of use
  • Independence with regards to PLM and CAD/CAM systems
  • Support of all robot brands, technologies and applications
  • Openness and scalability
  • Future proven concepts to support the ideas of “Industry 4.0” and “Smart Factory”
  • Excellent global support with highly skilled application engineers

With FASTSUITE Edition 2, our stand-alone simulation platform, it is our ambition to support production processes with best-in-class software technology for the entire Digital Manufacturing process – from engineering to virtual start of production.

That means: simple usability, high openness for any data format, adaptability to specific technologies and facilities and a price structure that is in line with the market conditions.

FASTSUITE Edition 2 especially targets different process steps that are positioned between classical product design and the real production.

Due to its functional range and modularity, it is the ideal solution for both, small companies with just the need to program a robot, and for big companies who eventually want to support the entire digital factory.

The scalability of FASTSUITE enables companies to start small and extend the solution with growing project requirements.

Layout Builder

Layout Builder

Offers efficient and intuitive tools for the generation of production and facility layouts, no matter if it is a work-cell with just one single robot or an entire automated production line. It provides all necessary functions to teach and simulate robots to pick and place parts or to make feasibility and reachability studies.

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Resource Builder

Resource Builder

Is designed to easily define your own simulation resources. Simulation resources are not only geometries and CAD data, but they may also have kinematics, mechanical adapters and electrical adapters and light weight geometries, optimized for simulation performance.

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Offline Programming

Offline Programming

Provides all functionalities, to efficiently program any kind of robot work-cell. The unique architecture provides the possibility to extend the basic functionalities by adding application plugins for an optimal support of a given application, such as i.e. roller hemming.

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