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  • FASTSUITE Material Deposition

Process Model

In many cases there is a need, not to only simulate the robot movements but to also display the physical process that is performed by the tool.

To visualize and analyze those process results, FASTSUITE Edition 2 provides different process model add-ons.

Material Removal

For cutting or milling processes a material removal add-on can be added to the technology used.

With the add-on the material removal process can be visualized and in-process models will be created as input models for sub-sequent process step.

FASTSUITE Material Removal

FASTSUITE Material Deposition

Material Deposition

For processes like laser cladding, arc welding or sealing the simulation of the material deposition is helpful to judge the process results.

The automatically generated in-process models can be used as input for sub-sequent process steps and for collision detection.

Paint Deposition

The painting simulation is used to visualize the area of the paint application and the layer thickness achieved during painting.

The results are typically displayed in a color scale on the component.

FASTSURF: Painting, polishing, bonding, non-destructive testing, sand blasting, shot blasting, laser deposition welding

Shot Peening

ProcessModel Shot Peening 1024x576

Fastener Installation

ProcessModel Banner Aero 1024x576
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