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Add-ons Offline Programming

External Axis

The add-on to support external axis provides all functionalities to mechanically connect robots to rails, or gantry systems. Furthermore, external workpiece positioners can be electrically connected with the system to include them into the programming environment.

In both cases the kinematic chain of the entire system is automatically extended. With functions to define external axis interpolations, users can optimize the external axis positions to generate smooth movements along the entire toolpath without the need to touch-up each robot position manually.

FASTSUITE External axis Add-ons Offline Programming

FASTSUITE Multi Unit Add-ons Offline Programming

Multi Unit

The multi-unit support add-on will enable users to program I/O signal communication between multiple control units.

The add-on extends the offline programming environment with commands and methods to synchronize the movements of multiple robots and define interlockings for collision avoidance, and safety zones for worker protection.

Cooperating Robot

This add-on allows users to manage installations with master-slave robots or with robots working at the same time on a workpiece that is mounted on, and controlled by an external workpiece positioner or an external handling robot.

Even most complex robot cell configurations can be easily and intuitively programmed and controlled by the user.

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