Thinking ahead with automation


Impressions of the IMTS / USA

Anyone who automates nowadays plans beyond the individual production process. Visitors to IMTS confirmed this once again.

The US trade show IMTS is one of the most important trade fairs for manufacturing technology on an international level. As the figures show, the organizers were able to build on their successes to date.  

The FASTSUITE team met with numerous industry insiders during the five days at the fair. What new lessons did our experts learn? What insights have been confirmed?  

Our newsroom editorial team asked colleagues about their observations. These are the main results:  

  • Smart manufacturing and the opportunities offered by the IIOT remain the guiding themes for investments in manufacturing.
  • Having already reached a number of Industry 4.0 milestones, OEMs in the automotive and aircraft industries are now addressing digitalization issues that require more comprehensive strategic management decisions. The objective is to achieve continuity of production right up to the digital twin.
  • SMEs are following the trend and increasingly invest in robot solutions for upstream and downstream processes, such as the loading and unloading of workpieces. Even in smaller companies, production lines with robots from different manufacturers are thus being created.
  • OEMs and medium-sized companies alike do not want to create new system boundaries or interface problems with new automation solutions. What is needed is openness and connectivity - on the one hand, to continue working on data consistency and on the other, to make it easier to implement new processes or additional systems.
  • Everybody knows that in order for the investment to deliver the desired ROI, the workforce must be able to operate the new systems efficiently. This is a challenge for production managers. Your team has to deal with an increasing variety and complexity of work tasks. At the same time, the shortage of skilled workers makes it difficult to recruit additional qualified employees.

As an open, intelligent software tool for the digital factory, FASTSUITE Edition 2 optimally supports companies with these requirements. 

Visitors at IMTS responded positively to our latest FASTSUITE Edition 2 version – our “Next Generation” 3D simulation software for digital factory. 

Using live demos, the FASTSUITE team demonstrated how the software can be used to design all engineering processes from layout planning to PLC validation. 

Companies working on the concept of a digital twin for production were interested in the project of the Japanese Tier 1 automotive supplier HIROTEC. 

CENIT presented the introduction of the software to the forklift manufacturer CROWN as an example of offline programming that – thanks to the FASTSUITE technology packages – always uses the latest methods, such as semantic robot programming.

At all demo points at the exhibition stand, IMTS visitors were able to experience the user-friendliness of FASTSUITE for themselves.  

This means that employees can learn the software intuitively and thus quickly.  

And since FASTSUITE is manufacturer-independent, one software is sufficient for all common machines and robot models on the shop floor.  

What are your challenges in automation? Send us a message at myquestion@cenit.com and we will contact you for your initial consultation. 



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