Laser cutting with automated data feedback

Fastsuite - Laser cutting with automated data feedback

Laser cutting with automated data feedback

How do you go about ensuring dimensional accuracy in your laser cutting processes? You measure the component and enter the correction values in the drawing - perhaps even by hand. This is a job that typically has to be done after the first laser cutting run. Next, a programmer has to adjust the laser program - again, often a manual process. Read more about

To make this entire procedure error-free, less costly and more efficient, we have developed an enhancement for our FASTTRIM software.

This new module lets you upload current-status data to your cutting program for automatic correction of laser paths to meet target data. This minimizes change iterations and yields maximum process integrity.

To implement this, we systematically take stock of all your laser cutting and measuring processes, your technical requirements and functions, your needs, expectations and goals.

Following a review of data exchange options across your systems, we submit a fixed-price offer that gives you planning security.

In preparing our offer, we merge the gathered information with our practical and theoretical knowhow to achieve an optimum result.

Profit from our expertise and optimize your laser cutting processes!

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Heiko Obmann

Senior Account Manager Digital Factory Solutions

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