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Offline programming of arc welding jobs with no downtime

The advantage of offline programming over manual teaching of machinery is that it does not require any capacity of the production line. This provides an economic benefit especially in the manufacture of small batch sizes and complex components.

Arc welding is not only a traditional but a high-performance joining technique. Connection technology differentiates between procedures with melting electrodes (MIG/MAG) and non-melting electrodes (TIG). In practice, the terms arc welding and path welding are used as synonyms. When welding processes are automated using robots, manual teaching competes with offline programming.

In day-to-day operation, manual teaching is still the most commonly used form of programming. This method both requires extensive process knowledge and leaves the system unable to actively produce welds while teaching is in progress. While in manufacture of large quantities of simple parts this may potentially be profitable, the method is quite inefficient for small batch sizes and high variation of workpieces.

In his technical article, Jörg Fasel explains how using FASTSUITE Edition 2 for offline programming opens up a new, economical approach.

The article is supplemented by a 14-page methodology catalogue which describes the programming approach of FASTSUITE Edition 2 for arc welding in various applications.


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