CENIT Establishes a Research Department

Nikolai D'Agostino, Digital Factory Solution, CENIT

CENIT is breaking new ground in the comprehensive digitization of industrial production processes with the help of its own research department.

A Think Tank for Digital Transformation in Production

A range of technological conditions have to be created first for highly flexible and networked production that is dynamically organized and delivers individual products. In addition to IT expertise, CENIT can draw on specific industry knowledge and expertise relating to important production technology when dealing with queries relating to "Industry 4.0". The research department is building on the foundation of many years of experience with Digital Factory.

The Economy Needs a Culture of Innovation

CENIT's research department consists of a core team that D'Agostino can expand to an interdisciplinary team, based on tasks presented by the CENIT specialist departments. This allows him to consult experts with specific knowledge and to respond in a flexible way to the requirements of the task at hand.

Kurt Bengel, Spokesman of the Executive Board, sees the establishment of a separate research department as an important step that will enable CENIT to enhance its position. "Digitization changes our economic life. The challenge facing us as a company is to think ahead both constantly and consistently, and our new research department will strengthen our culture of innovation. The results will help us to proactively support our customers in their individual change processes."

Industry 4.0 Milestones

D'Agostino believes that the task of his team is to develop valuable milestones on the path towards "Industry 4.0" using selected research projects for CENIT customers. "We want to apply progressive information technologies to future IT solutions that help our customers further optimize their value creation processes in terms of production." D'Agostino lists distributed data processing, digital modeling, simulation, interaction and knowledge processing among the areas of work for his team. The new solution concepts are designed to flow into the CENIT software products at a later stage.

"Our collaboration on research projects has demonstrated the potential of the results for our products and services. We have already handled important queries in digital transformation and the results are extremely promising," reports D'Agostino. CENIT is involved in a number of research projects, including collaborative ¬projects with the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, such as "EITEC" and "SOWEMA" (http://bit.ly/1SKU32n).

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