Sustainable Productivity despite Pandemic Disruption

Optimize and prepare your manufacturing for the time after the coronavirus crisis 

“With this initiative we want to support manufacturing companies to make use of the current downtime in the most effective manner by improving their productivity and discovering new beneficial tools and techniques. The impact of the corona crisis has already reached, or will likely reach, a dimension that prevents a rapid recovery. However, we can decide for ourselves how to meet the immense challenges and how to reposition ourselves for the time after the crisis. Numerous manufacturing companies have already shifted their attention towards the optimization of processes, methods and tools that directly support their production processes. It is these companies that will benefit the most from this program.”

Werner Busenius

VP Global Sales Digital Factory Solutions

+49 711 / 7825 3229


Programming and Simulation of 3D Laser cutting machines for sheet metal prototypes and production parts


With this hands-on initiative, we offer you the possibility to experience the advantages of FASTSUITE Edition 2 in a pragmatic trial period.

With the free test version of the software for laser cutting comes also highly descriptive training material and dedicated phone support for any question you may have. Once you are convinced of the improvements FASTSUITE Edition 2 provides, we provide you with an individualized migration package. In any case, we do look forward to receive your expert feedback regarding the software after completion of the trial.

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FASTSUITE Edition 2 is a software solution for planning, simulation, offline programming and virtual commissioning of production plants based on state-of-the-art technology.

The most relevant features and advantages include:

Convincing Return on Investment (ROI):

  • A single, flexibly configurable solution for different applications
  • Reduced machine or cell downtime, higher productivity
  • A future-proof software that fully meets the current requirements for digital consistency and continuity (design-to-production)

Greater application range:

  • planning, simulation, programming and virtual commissioning (incl. PLC validation)
  • Mapping of multi-axis systems and robot systems (support of various robot manufacturers and types)
  • Support of numerous technologies via predefined technology packages (including arc welding, laser cutting, roll hemming, spraying, etc.)
  • Standalone solution with extensive CAD interfaces for data import and export
  • Option of integration with PLM systems (including SAP PLM) for optimal digital connection to upstream and downstream business processes 

Less effort and higher user efficiency:

  • Faster planning and validation of plant layouts
  • Faster programming due to numerous automatisms for mapping complex tasks (including cooperating robots)

Intuitive user interface with a modern design, oriented towards the core processes:

  • Ease of use, also for non-software experts
  • Low training effort of only 3 days
  • Support with training materials for self-learning and practice

Higher accuracy and performance:

  • More accurate and realistic simulation through the possibility of integrating virtual controllers (especially for cycle time analyses)
  • Significantly higher performance, both during simulation and when loading large models · Realistic, signal-based simulation and programming, even of very complex systems.
  • ( e.g..: clamping systems with signal transmission for opening and closing of clamps)



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