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Layout validation and reachability checks

to detect time-consuming and costly problems at an early time

Technology based offline programming with intelligent engineering interfaces

to considerably reduce the preparation effort and to achieve efficient robot operations.

Connection with motion controllers and PLCs

 for virtual program commissioning

Closing gaps to engineering

to improve fixture design and to achieve paperless robot programming

Easy-to-use, scalable and flexible

even complex applications remain controllable and usable for the operators

Market specific

CENIT FASTSUITE is designed to meet the different needs of different sectors. Based on decades of experience in identifying key industry requirements, these solutions help companies quickly create value with their products and processes.

Find out CENIT FASTSUITE added value brings for your industry:




A realistic 3D simulation model of the robot cell, and a profound integration of the application technology is the basis for the entire process stream

CENIT FASTSUITE provides you a virtual and mechatronic simulation model of the robot cell. This virtual twin is as close as possible to the real system in terms of kinematics and simulation behaviour, including all relevant peripherals like portals, tools, grippers, etc. Since the internal simulation is signal-based, there is also the possibility to connect and control the simulation layout with vendor-specific controllers for enabling the virtual validation of robot programs.

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Webinar replays & use case videos

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