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    Digital Production: Data Continuity from Design to Manufacturing

    Data continuity becomes process continuity

    "Increase your degree of automation and increase productivity," was the previous motto. True, but the productivity gained is lost again if, due to a lack of data continuity between departments, e.g. information already defined in design cannot be used in robot programming. This is particularly important in the case of design changes or when programming variants.

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    FASTSUITE Service and Support

    Comprehensive Service and Support

    Our service support starts as early as your decision-making phase (pilot project), ensuring optimum implementation (specific methods, as well as post processors) and we are also there for the first production run and later during productive use (hotline and project support).

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    Customer-specific Software Developments

    Customer-specific Software Developments

    Standard solutions and off the shelf software products do not always fit your needs? In these cases, CENIT will partner up with you to develop customer-specific solutions while offering complete scalability.

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