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    FASTSUITE Offline Programming Add-ons are available for many different welding technologies used in Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Machinery and many other industries.

    These add-ons ensure not only the efficient creation of optimized offline programs, but they also provide full control on external axis, workpiece positioners or complex welding fixtures.

    Arc Welding

    Arc welding with robots comes along with a broad range of requirements. FASTSUITE Edition 2 is the ideal tool to support all of them – from single weld robots up to complex welding cells.

    Software features are:

    • CAD-to-path algorithms for easy weld line definitions directly from 3D CAD data, including automatic approach and retract motions
    • Easy adjustment of process parameters, such as weld bead size, weld line offsets and gun distance to part
    • Software support to select the right WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) from a customizable database of approved weld parameters
    • Parametric control on gun tilt and rotation for optimal weld
    • Automatic positioning and interpolation of external axis and workpiece positioners for perfect part orientation
    • Options to synchronize multi-robot cells (master/slave control)
    Cooperating Robots Yaskawa

    Arc Welding

    Arc Welding

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    Arc Welding

    Arc Welding

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    Arc Welding Reis

    Programm a Reis cell for arc welding

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