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Crown relies on FASTSUITE Edition 2 for offline programming of robotic...

Robot welding: More efficiency for programming and equipment fabrication

The forklift manufacturer Crown relies heavily on robotic welding automation for fabrication/production of their equipment in the Roding (Germany) facility. The results for increased productivity and weld quality are quite impressive and therefore the number of automated welding...

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Tapping the Essential Knowledge of Your Shop Floor

Welding and Robotic Automation

Robotic automation has been heavily used for welding applications for years now, as evidenced by numerous commercial solutions available in the market. Over time, fabrication engineers have amassed deep expertise in using these technologies to maximum effect. Yet the needs and...

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  • robotic automation
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  • How to program a robot
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FASTSUITE supports of all robot brands

Going Strong and fueling change

North American robotics market

Indicators for the North American robotics market are at an all-time high. The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) reports about the strongest First Quarter On Record with USD 516 Million in orders from North American robotics companies. These numbers have encouraging implications on...

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CENIT joins OPC Foundation

FASTSUITE Edition 2: Interface for Machine-to-Machine Communication

Our FASTSUITE Edition 2 software is designed to make automation easier and more efficient for manufacturers and system integrators. The digital factory solution therefore supports all tasks that arise from the planning phase to day-to-day operation – for virtually any production...

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