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How Manufacturing is Impacted by Industry 4.0 - Meet CENIT at Automate 2017, Booth #2025!

“Industry 4.0” represents the radical change that is shaking the foundations of manufacturing. Flexible automation technology is the production process of the future, and it is building on new systems and structures.

The revolutionary change is made by the Digital Factory software that helps the companies to efficiently break into smart manufacturing.

Simple usability, high flexibility for any data format and adaptability to specific technologies are just some of the advantages offered by FASTSUITE Edition 2, the digital factory software platform for the automation of manufacturing processes.

Take the time to understand how you can obtain enormous cost savings by maximizing cell productivity using virtual commissioning and state-of-the-art offline programming

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Advanced Manufacturing and Future Production Environments

At Automate Conference 2017, Lee Van Every, Key Account Executive at CENIT, presented together with experts from KUKA Robotics Corporation and Rethink Robotics about how manufacturing is impacted by IoT / Industry 4.0.

Lee Van Every

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